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Rosy Adenium 

Why order from us?

We would like to announce that we, Siam Adenium co.,ltd is certified as "Controlled Plant Exporter" and "treament" to "Europe" by our department of Agriculture (Thailand). Please see the certificate on the left side show as a Controlled Plant Exporter under the Plant Quarantine ACT B.E.2507 and Amended. That means now you can import our plants to youwith very safe and good conditions. Just have your Plant Import Permit (optional, just check with your plant quarantine services) and we'll deliver the plants to you safe and good condition plants.


How to produce
"Nice Rosy Adenium"?

How to get more blooming
on Adenium?

"Sowing Seeds" Technique

"Bud Grafting" Technique

"Adenium Bonsai Seedlings" 

"Yellow Adenium"

"How do we develop Black Adenium?"

"New World Adenium Flowers in your hands"

"Big Adenium" grafting with Rosy Adenium.

"Flammable" Adenium

"The Color of Dream"

"Adenium Bonsai Seedlings"

Road to "New Sexy Messy Looks"

Road to "New Creamy Adenium"

"Dusty Adenium"

"The Amazing Adenium Bonsai Seedlings"

"Blue Adenium"

How do we export?

Please click here to see the steps of our adenium export to you.

How to place an order? 

Please follow these easy steps.

1. First, please download the "order form" (PDF or DOCX files)


2. Fill out this form and send it back to our email :

3. We will check plant available once getting your order then make a proforma invoice, send it for your approval. 

4. If invoice has been approved by you then please make payment and send a copy of bank receipt to our email :

5. After your payment has been verified by our bank then we will start booking the flight, preparing the plants, applying a phytosanitary certificates and inform your the flight's reservation detail. 

6. We will work for the plants quarantine process until a phytosanitary certificates has been issued by our Agricultural Department. 

7. The plants will be loaded to airlines and depart from Bangkok to your destination airport. We will email you a copy of the air way bill (AWB), Invoice & Packing List, and Phytosanitary certificate to confirm that your plants have been loaded on board and the flight has departed on schedule. 

9. After your shipments arrive to your destination airport then our shipment's agent will contact you to pick up the plants at the custom airport.   to declare with the custom officer there to release plants out of airport.  

10. You will need to bring all recieved documents from item 7 to do the custom clearings and claim your plants. 

Quality of Plants

Our plants are very good conditions, shipped gently, clean and fresh as international standard. Our nursery is certified as “a Controlled Plant Exporter under the Plant Quarantine ACT B.E.2507 and Amended ” The customers in European countries can import our aquarium plants and garden plants with safe and good conditions as the EU regulation requires.


All prices can be found in our price list. Prices are FOB Bangkok and quoted in $US or THB for credit card payment.

Phytosanitary Certificates

All shipments are accompanied with a phytosanitary certificate from the Department of Agriculture of Thailand.

Guarantee & Claims

The guarantee and claims are strictly valid within 48 hours after receiving the plants. Upon discovering DOAs. If your plants do not arrive alive or if they die within 48 hours after receiving them at the airport, we will replace them 50% for free in your next time order. Please report back to us with proves within 48 hours after the receipt of the plants. Our guarantee does not cover the cost of shipping or applicable packing charge. Please read condition of sale