"Flammable" Adenium
Hello friends;

Today I would like to share my new Rosy Adenium (multi-overlapping petals) work with new “FLAMMABLE” looks. This is new revolution of Adenium for this year. My goal set was to create new Rosy Adenium with Flammable color consist of orange-yellow and red switching together. As we knew “Yellow” is the color of dream for Adenium, now many breeders can produce Adenium 

with yellow tone. A couple years ago, we have developed the yellow from using white petals which have yellow throat inside and try to make this yellow throat getting spread more and more until it was spread all over petal area. Unfortunately, this yellow could represent in 2-3 days after 1st blooming after that it would be fade down or almost back to white. 
How can we make yellow stay longer or more persistent? From our 3 year works, we have discovered that “orange” pigment could help yellow get staying longer and not fade down in 2-3 days after blooming. That means the “ORANGE” was the answer. On year 2007, we had Adenium cultivar called “THE PEACH” and her petal was a creamy orange. One year later, we stopped making yellow by using white with yellow throat inside. We’ve started using this Orange cultivar to develop new yellow Adenium instead. This was point break.

Flammable Crossing Steps – Please see the crossing diagram for more detail

The legend of Orange adenium "THE PEACH"
The 1st Year Generation - We use “THE PEACH” crossing with “CLARET” (randomly messy red & white looks) and the result was “SEXY LOVER”; changeable color on 3rd day blooming and messy red looks almost the same as “CLARET” parent. Unfortunately, the “ORANGE” was still not shown in this generation. 
The 2nd Year Generation - We crossed “CLARET” again with “SIAM YELLOW PIONEER” (illuminate yellow decorating with fresh red stripe. We needed to make “SEXY LOVER” to absorb the yellow from this “SIAM YELLOW PIONEER”. The result was very satisfied; we got new cultivar with pretty solid yellow and splash red all over petals. We gave her a name with “YELLOW DAZZLER”. This was our first start on “FLAMMABLE” looks’s making.

The 3rd Year Generation - As I said, to make Rosy Adenium is very easy. The key to make beautiful Rosy Adenium is the beauty of Single Petal Adenium using as mother. This time we used Rosy Adenium : “RED SUN” as father (pollen) instead of Rosy Adenium “DOX XON” (the first release of Rosy Adenium) because “RED SUN” has nice fresh red and thicker petal. The result from this crossing period is very much satisfied with our goal set; she came up with flammable looks on multi-overlapping petals. I really love her very much.  ok, this is our sharing work with new adenium’s revolution. Now we can create this new Adenium color just happen in this planet. The "BLUE" is also color of dream. This color is pretty hard to make. As I said, mixing adenium colors is like cosmetic on your face. Sometimes, we didn't make our goal success but we've never give up.We hope that we can create many new colors like full blue, brown, green, etc in a couple years and also you can do too!