Road to "Blue Adenium"

Our Rosy Adenium's development with almost all Blue
Hello Friends; Last time, I shared the idea how to make Yellow Adenium flower. Today I would like to share another idea of making “Blue” Adenium flower. It will be better if we can make adenium more beautiful from the beginning. Blue is one of dreaming color, we wish we could have made adenium with all blue. Blue is also one of dreaming colors for breeders. The concept of making full “Blue” flower is almost the same with making yellow but it’s just different on one thing. “Blue” is mostly come from the flower border area unlike yellow from inside throat. That means youhave to make “Blue” border gradually spread inside to throat totally different with yellow from throat to border.
To make Blue spread up from border to throat is pretty harder than making any color from throat to border. We accidentally found the first tiny blue border on year of 2007 and we gave her a name as “Jao Sua”. We found her in “Miss Thailand” (our popular 2007 variety) seedlings so we believed she was might get mutation from “Miss Thailand” with hidden gene. Her border has both tiny blue and splash fading white. On midyear of 2007, we crossed her with “Large Moonlight” by using her as mother and we came up with new flower got more spread and deeper blue border

New generation of Blue Adenium on border is developed by "Super Jao Sua"

More Blue on petal area is used to back cross with Rosy Adenium : Red Sun to make another new Blue Rosy Adenium.
We called her as “Super Jao Sua” and we were so glad at that time. “Super Jao Sua” was our first cultivar to begin to make “Blue” adenium flower. As we knew, pure red petal is pretty stability and great to cross with other nice mothers because it’s not impact to mother characters e.g. colors and styles. For example, you want to make mother from pink and star style to become new variety with round shape and bigger flower but characters is still almost the same as mother so you should use round big red as father or pollen. Luckily we had one variety that has big fade red spread around border and her name was “Red Leo”. 
On year 2008, we got a new variety from that crossing and gave her a name with “Virgin Kiss”. She got deeper blue border, white throat and red stripe. White throat and red stripe might come from “Large Moonlight” characters from the first crossing. On the same year 2009, we also did “Back Cross” again between “Super Jao Sua” as mother and “Virgin Kiss” as father. It took about one year with this work and this time (beginning of 2010), we were pretty happy with outcome. We gave her a name with “Siam Jupiter”. She has tri-colors with white throat then red and more spread blue over

This is new Purple-Blue flower so we can use her to develop to make new blue adenium as well.
half of petal area from border to inside throat. We also developed new “Blue Rosy Adenium” (Multi-overlapping petals) by using her as mother and crossing with Rosy Adenium : “Red Sun”, pure red and double petal and crossed her again for 2nd generation. Now we get over 70% blue shown on petals and also comes up with Triple-Overlapping petals. This is what we have now for making blue, we think we can make all blue by next year. As I said before, producing Rosy Adeniums is very easy but making them more beautiful is a key. The key depends on how nice of your mother or single petal in your hands. I think this idea
not only can help and benefit but also give more fun with Adenium’s growing to you. Now the rainy season here is almost gone. Our adeniums are very fresh and healthy. To grow Adenium Bonsai seedlings is different with adenium flowers because the hybrids are different. Most of them are from Thai Socotranum and Arabicum unlike Obesum for flowers' developing. I will share this article next time. Have a nice day and enjoy growing adeniums.