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Everything you need to know about adenium. Adenium growing is not hard than you think, you can grow them yourself. Just click here to know them more

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We would like to announce that we, Siam Adenium co.,ltd is certified as "Controlled Plant Exporter" and "treament" to "Europe" by our department of Agriculture (Thailand). Please see the certificate on the left side show as a Controlled Plant Exporter under the Plant Quarantine ACT B.E.2507 and Amended. That means now you can import our plants to youwith very safe and good conditions. Just have your Plant Import Permit (optional, just check with your plant quarantine services) and we'll deliver the plants to you safe and good condition plants.

New Releases

Super Big White Rosy Adenium

New Inspiring Pink Rosy Adenium with sexy messy white.

The Purest White Rosy Adenium with the Biggest Flower size. Release now!

Audacious Rosy Adenium with Pink Multi-Lines all over white petal layers.

Soften Yellow White Rosy Adenium with great flower forms.

Quadruple Petal Layers with Lotus flower structures.

New World White Rosy Adenium with big flower, great form and special with "Quadruple Overlapping Petals"

Cute Rosy Adenium with splashy pink stripe on white petals.

New World Mangosteen Color

New Sexy Adenium with Messy fresh pink stripe all over white petals.
New World Rosy Adenium with the deepest purple and super blooming.

New World Black Rosy Adenium.

New World White Rosy Adenium with Purple Stripe all over petals.

New Super Big Rosy Adenium.

New Super Blooming Yellow Rosy Adenium

Another Super Big Pure White Rosy Adenium

New World White Rosy Adenium with widely deeper red stripe.

New World Rosy Adenium with Stronger Fragrance.

New World Super Rounded Big Red Rosy Adenium with clearer Blue Border.

New World Rosy Ademnium with almost full Black over-lapping petal areas.

New Yellow Long Lasting Rosy Adenium

New World Rosy Adenium with splashy brushed red all over white over-lapping petals.

The Best YELLOW Rosy Adenium of the year

New White Rosy Adenium with curly tiny pink border.

New Rosy Adenium attractive with clearly tiny red stripe all over over-lapping petals.

New World Rosy Adenium with Ice-Cream looks.

New World First Rosy Adenium with SUPER BIG flower size from Quintuple Overlapping Petals.

New World First Rosy Adenium with sexy splashy pink stripes & also spread from center.

New World First Rosy Adenium with Round & Curly Border Overlapping Petals.

New World First Rosy Adenium with Violet Petals decorating with wider & deeper purple border.

New World First Rosy Adenium with tiny pink stripes all over soften pink overlapping petals.

New World First Adenium Release with Ice Cream looks.

New World First Adenium Release with Blue & White border on every overlapping petals.

New World's Rosy Adenium Revolution.

New World Stunning Purple Adenium with "ORCHID" Fragrance.

New World First Rosy Adenium release with Yellow Stronger Frangrance.

New Transparent Yellow Rosy Adenium and Orange border on upper first petals.

New White Rosy Adenium with Tiny Magenta Border all over overlapping-petals.

New Rosy Adenium blooming today with new world colors and looks.

New Rosy Adenium blooming today with new world colors and looks.

New Adenium's Revolution with deeper black Rosy Adenium.

This is our greatest of Black Rosy Adenium with Black & Red on last overlapping petal.

New world adenium trends with aromatic randomly yellow & red adenium mixed up together.

New Baby Green Rosy Adenium with thicker multi-overlapping petals.

New World 2012 Rosy Adenium with splashy deep red on pure white background.

How do we export?

Please click here to see the steps of our adenium export to you.

How do we develop "Black Adenium"?
The basic concept to make full black all over petals is that we have to make black border to spread more and more into throat. The 2nd generation of wider black border is “Black Asia” (our 2008 Hall of fame). After that time, new trend of overlapping adenium petals was coming and very popular. Rosy Adenium that time was called “Dox Xon”, this was the first Rosy Adenium in the world. Read More 

"Messy Looks" - New World Adenium Trends
We are one of the world's leading adenium breeder, we have developed and worked hard on adenium to make new world adenium's revolution for emerging consumer trends, insights and innovations. This year, we have focused on producing adenium with messy patterns. This pattern is long lasting attraction unlike old looks e.g. border, stripe, plain colors… We have spent time for 3 years to work and test the stability of this pattern and now it has been totally completely stable. Let’s see our works here and hope you will love them. Read more 

"Bud Grafting" Technique
Today I would like to share the new adenium’s propagation technique by “BUD GRAFTING”. This method is great for economical, shorten, or limited scions from mother plant. You can use this technique to make more amount grafted Adenium on rootstocks. This is very easy work, just applying from the V-Grafting’s technique. Let start… Read more 

"Sowing Seeds" Technique
Adenium Obesum seeds are small and pretty weak so the suitable media should be very tiny like powder which can help their roots growing easier. This method could work greatly on "Rosy Adenium" as well so it would be very easy to create our new adenium flowers. Read more 

"New World Adenium Flowers in your hands"
There are 4 key things to make new world Adenium. 1. Great Parents (Mother & Father) in your hands especially with single adenium petal. This is a key to success. 2. Crossing pollination's knowledge. This is very simple. 3. Imagination on crossing outcome. This is up to your mindset or goal. 4. "LUCK" , this is beyond limits. Now let's rock! and now Adenium is in your hands. Read more  

"Big Adenium" grafting with Rosy Adenium.
Not only grafted Adenium' Varieties, we also offer you with medium and large caudex size. They are good for your collection, show room and landscape. You can select adenium flowers on your own from our yearly varieties below and let us graft your flower choices on these medium & large size rootstocks. Read more 

"Flammable" Adenium
This is new revolution of Adenium for this year. My goal set was to create new Rosy Adenium with Flammable color consist of orange-yellow and red switching together. As we knew “Yellow” is the color of dream for Adenium, now many breeders can produce Adenium with yellow tone. A couple years ago, we have developed the yellow from using Read more 

"The Color of Dream"
World Adenium Let's see our works on the new colorful adenium. Read more 

"Adenium Bonsai Seedlings" 
New World Adenium Trends we would like to share you with our new Adenium Bonsai Seedlings with "Muscular Root Form" (Rambo Form). We grow them by nature with organic media and fertilizer, not using chemical substances. Due to this natural growing, our adeniums can grow like Bonsai e.g. antique skin, more branch internodes, muscular root, and more branches. Growing by natural organic method will make them grow slower 3-4 times than chemical use. Even they grow slower by nature unlike growing by chemical substances but they are stronger, healthier, and more resist with any diseases....  Read more  

Road to "New Sexy Messy Looks"
I would like to talk about how to produce new look of Adenium flowers with messy or disorder style such as dusty, dot, brush on their petals. We have seen many attractive Adenium flowers with order style such as border, stripe, and plain on their petals. Now trend here has been changed, new growers and breeders start producing new Adenium with both new form and look pretty different from old order style. This would be new opening and challenging to new world flower market.  Read more 

Road to "New Creamy Adenium"
The concept of making this orange is like mixing color e.g. orange is come from red mix with yellow. After you get the color on your mind set, you can paint or brush more another color or style on it. This step is like putting some cosmetics on your face or new hair style to make better looking. Let’s get back to Orange Road. Read more 

"Dusty Adenium"
Last time, I shared the idea how to make Blue and Yellow Adenium flowers. Today I would like to share another idea of making a new trend of Adenium flower with dusty style on Orange Multi-Overlapping petals. Most of Adeniums we see are plain color, border, stripe, and splash. It’s hardly to find the “Dusty or Multi-Tiny spots Characters” so we need to change the way of crossing from “Back Crossing” to “Double Crossing with different parents”. This method will help you to produce new variety not only still have some mother’s characters but also create some newer characters show up in next crossing’s generation. Read more 

"The Amazing Adenium Bonsai Seedlings"
The way to make Adenium bonsai is how to retrieve the bonsai’s technique and the basis of thought to decorate with it. You also need to create a structure or layout of your Adeniums in your mind first and apply the bonsai’s knowledge with this which makes them look more fascinating by looking for their features at the beginning of your Adeniums out as much as possible in order to bring their strength points to make them the most beautiful. Read more 

"Blue Adenium"
It will be better if we can make adenium more beautiful from the beginning. Blue is one of dreaming color, we wish we could have made adenium with all blue. Blue is also one of dreaming colors for breeders. The concept of making full “Blue” flower is almost the same with making yellow but it’s just different on one thing. “Blue” is mostly come from the flower border area unlike yellow from inside throat. That means you have to make “Blue” border gradually spread inside to throat totally different with yellow from throat to border. Read more  

"Yellow Adenium"
Adenium obesum, called chuan chom in Thai, has been grown in Thailand for decades, but the introduction of other adenium species into the country in recent years has resulted in intensive breeding and cross-breeding that produced hundreds of spectacular hybrids. Although the flowers of Adenium obesum are beautiful in their own right pale pink with deep red petal margins and fading to near white towards the throat they now pale in comparison with the flowers of the new hybrids, Read more 

"How to make up adeniums"
To produce Adenium flowers with newer color, patterns and styles caught up with new trend is just like make up on your face. You can paint many colors on Adenium very easy by just knowing some tips and cross pollination’s technique. To make your face looks much more sexy, you’ve gotta have great cosmetics such as lipstick, powder, mascara, etc. I could say that cosmetics is just like single Adenium flower on your hands used as mother. More kinds of beautiful single flowers, more make up styles Read more 

The Power of Adenium "Single Petal"
as Mother I would like to share the idea how to select nice Adenium single flower to develop to become more beautiful or Rosy Adenium (Multi-Overlapping petals or Rose without thorn) flowers. Of course, your adeniums will look nice if their parents are beautiful. That means you’ve gotta know “Match Maker”. As my previous article about how to produce nice Rosy Adenium, the key thing is how nice single petal (mother), the multi-overlapping petal’s characters will come from Rosy Adenium: “Dox Xon” (Father). Read more 

The Secret of making "Rosy Adenium"
I have got many questions from Adenium lovers about how to produce Adenium comes up with Triple Multi-Overlapping petals (Rosy Adenium or Rose without thorns) or more. As I said, the original or first Rosy Adenium came from Vietnam and she was accidentally discovered by my Vietnamese friend, Mr. Khuong 3 years ago. She was given name as "Dox Xon". She has double overlapping petals with fresh red petal. This was the first starting point for me to start developing Rosy Adeniums with colorful varieties and styles. Read more 

"The White" is back!
I would like to share our new development on Rosy Adenium with triple white overlapping petals. Developing on white is pretty hard to get on pure white because they will have tiny pink or yellow on petal borders. Pure white is the most wanted for players or collectors here. Sometimes it looks stable on mother plant, but when making 1st grafting on other rootstocks, tiny pink or yellow comes up again on border. Read more 

Getting to know about "Adenium Styles"
I would like to introduce Adenium defined with mainly popular form and structure. In here, Thailand, there are 6 distinctive forms following with Adenium structure and contest styles. ecause of attractive forms, various blooms and species, Adeniums or Desert Roses have become well-known and popular among plant lovers and collectors. Recently, Thai breeders and growers can pollinate Adeniums’ flowers by hands, leading to a wide variety of hybrids. Ok, let’s begin now. Read more 

Colorful Flowers on Adenium "Arabicum"
This article will shown you the new trend of grafting Adenium Obesum on Adenium Arabicum. Most of colorful flowers originally came from Adenium Obesum, unlike Adenium Arabicum mostly give only soft or deep pink flower. Adenium Arabicum has unique style especially on big trunk caudex, chubby, and some species can perform nice spread root base unlike Adenium Obesum. Some Arabicum species have black or antique caudex skin like Adenium Thai Socotranum. Read more 

Fun with Form Part 4
"Beauty with Knife" The Most Rare Adenium in the world. This article will show the technique on how to fix adenium seedling with longer, disorder and not symmetric branches to become better following with bonsai style. I use the pruning technique and bonsai concept to do this. Most of growers or players know well about pruning but how we prune to make plants get more attractive. First, you’ve gotta know why we need to prune adeniums. Read more 

Adenium "Dorset Horn"
I would like to share new adenium hybrid came from mutation. This mutation will make normal adenium characters or forms change to new ones. I would like to introduce “Dorset Horn” ‘s mutation impact to leaves, branches, and flowers. “Dorset Horn” mainly happens on a leave which makes it curved down like horn. This “Dorset Horn” characters can happen to every adenium species such as Arabicum, Obesum, Somalense but it’s very hard to happen. Read more 

"Aromatic Adenium"
The World's First Adenium with Fragrance. I would like to represent our new Adenium's development coming up with Aroma or Fragrant. You might not believe that Adenium can give fragrance. Now the dream comes true. From my experiences, I just accidentally discovered one of Adenium cultivars which can provide slightly smell during watering in the early morning. She was grown from “Harry Potter”, Adenium Crispum, or 2007 Hall of Fame. During 2007, I had got Harry Potter’s seedpod from natural pollination, not manually .. Read more  

How to produce "Nice Rosy Adenium"?
I would like to share the idea about “How to make nice Rosy Adenium or Multi-overlapping petals?”. I have got many questions from Adenium lovers around the world, breeders and customers about it. I don’t focus on making Rosy Adenium or multi-overlapping petals, making this very easy, but I focus on making or developing nice, modern, and more new cultivars or flowers. I assume that you know how to do the crossing pollination by hands. Read more 

"Fun with Form" part 3
This article will show you the technique to grow better nice Adenium seedling, “Fun with Form” part 2. Last time, I talked about growing Adenium baby seedlings on 4 inches and now I will talk about next step. After 2-3 months seedlings grow in 4 inches pot, seedlings will get bigger and we need to remove and grow them in 6-8 inches their caudex diameter should be around 1-1.5 inches. Read more 

"Fun with Form" part 2
As Thai proverb "You can't teach an old dog new tricks.", this means that if you want your kids to be good people, you 've gotta coach or tutor them since they are baby. Adenium is almost the same with this proverb because she cannot listen to you when you coach her… ha ha ha … The concept of making Adenium to become Bonsai Seedlings is root making. Read more 

"Fun with Form" part 1
I would like to invite you to play with new Adenium trend. When we talk about Adeniums, most of people think about flowers with caudex. Now Adenium does not play or attract with only flower anymore, we also have fun with form’s playing. The question is what form we should play on adeniums? The answer is “Bonsai form”. Adenium form that I am talking is not authentic bonsai but it is just used the bonsai technique to make them grow like Bonsai seedlings such as symmetric branches, spread root, antique caudex skin, etc. What Adenium hybrids can use for form playing? Read more 

What "Standards" are used to choose nice adenium form?
The criteria that I am going to talk about came from my contest experiences. I have been Adenium jury many times so I would like to share my knowledge what principle jury use for winning Adenium in contest. In here, , Thailand, we have many juries have good experience and decision. Some juries might be new on Adenium, this would make players big headache however the judgment from them is final. Here below is the table shown what criteria jury use for winning Adenium’s judgment. If you are making decision on Adenium's buying, you should read this. Read more 

"Caudex and Root Show"
Special Grafting with Rosy Adenium Most people think that most of Adenium Rootstock have round shape caudex and root spread but this style is followed by Bonsai Style with many spiral roots around caudex. Not only nice caudex and root, branches are also followed with Bonsai class. That means we need to know the branch position to do the grafting in order to make her more beautiful in every angle when flowers are fully bloom. Read more 

How to get more blooming on Adenium?
I would like to share the idea how to make adenium with nice form especially with productive flower blooming's technique. In Thailand, we like to use the medium & Large sizes with gardening and landscape business. The most important thing is to focus on nice caudex form and easily productive flowers. First, I would like to begin with Caudex selection. We have many caudex styles but mainly there are 3 styles popular here.  Read more 

New Mixed Hybrid for making "Artificial-Bonsai Seedlings"
I have tried many crossing among them for 2 years and found that seeds harvested from each parent come up with different characters. There are many seeds characters different depending on harvesting on parent herself. Seeds look like “Ball Shape” is the best thing which can grow with good form. Good form in my sight is up to Bonsai terms. They should be consist of nice root base, shorter caudex, brownie caudex, and symmetric branches with strong main middle stem. Please see the photo above to see them. Read more 

Born to be "Bonsai" part II
The most attractive of this Adenium 's style is spread root base. it's also consist of short neck, antique skin, and symatric branch comes up with strong middle branch and surrounding side branches. Thai Socotranum itself mostly has high caudex, please see the left photo. Arabicum has wide caudex but branch is hardly compact which most branch will get longer and hard to stop because this is nature of it. Read more 

Adenium Socotranum "Golden Crown"
As we know, Golden Crown is one of the best and most expensive Thai Socotranums. It will be better if we can make it more beautiful from the beginning. First, we have to choose the 4-month seedlings originally from original hybrid Thai Socotranum: Golden Crown. We notice and select the seedlings with caudex balancing with top branches. Branches should be balance in 4 sides or in the same level and also has main middle branch the most important for this Golden Crown. The root’s consideration in this time is pretty hard because it’s in media. Read more  

How to sow seeds to get nice seedling form?
This year is longer cold weather not happened in Thailand before. This would help adeniums caudex can store food better and also give healthier seedpods. Seeds are very strong and higher germination rate. We always concern about seed quality affected to seedling quality as well. All of our seeds are harvested from original mother plants so you can ensure they are TRUE hybrids, this won't waste your sowing time with wrong hybrids. Now let's see how we sow seeds in order to get nice seedlings. Read more 

How do we do Handed-Cross Pollination?
Adenium Manually crossing is very easy. This article will show you how to do this. Read more 

"The Biggest Adenium's Revolution with new forms"
In this year, we have produced Adenium flowers with multi-overlapped petals or we called “Rosy Adeniums. This is the biggest revolution of this year not only with Rosy Adeniums but also Adenium form. I have got many questions from Adenium players from many countries how to choose the nice Adenium seedlings to grow or maintain them with better form. Adenium seedlings in my mention is Adenium : Thai Socotranum, Arabicum and mixed hybrid : Thai Socotranum x Arabicum. Read more 

How to maintain the brances? Cutting leaves or Pruning?
When you begin to maintain the form of Adenium seedlings, you should know how to start in the right direction and good form in the long term. This can help you not waste your time and wrong trial with growing in better form. First thing you must know is the adenium’s characters which present in best seedling form most popular one is “Bonsai Form”. This is the most important thing on Adenium’s maintaining... Read more  

Making symmetric branches by using sunlight
Leave cutting technique was the old way to control the form mostly used with Arabicum. This is just to stop getting longer branch in a short term and not only make caudex slower growing but also root won’t be spread more because of less photosynthesis come from leaves. Here below is the new technique to make nice branches with symmetric form. Read more