The Power of Adenium "Single Petal" as Mother.

"GREEN" is one of our dreams of Adenium, now we have been developing to make more green area.
Hello Friends;

Today I would like to share the idea how to select nice Adenium single flower to develop to become more beautiful or Rosy Adenium (Multi-Overlapping petals or Rose without thorn) flowers. Of course, your adeniums will look nice if their parents are beautiful. That means you’ve gotta know “Match Maker”. As my previous article about how to produce nice Rosy Adenium, the key thing is how nice single petal (mother), the multi-overlapping petal’s characters will come from Rosy Adenium: “Dox Xon” (Father). In term of producing Rosy Adenium, Single flower will act like “Queen” which can give new baby born or flowers look almost the same as their mother characters. The “King” must be Rosy Adenium can change these babies characters changed from single to multi-overlapping petals after being crossed each other. The first step is to produce single petal or select nice single

New adenium with changable color, getting darker on the 3rd-5th days blooming
flower. The Rosy Adenium pollen or King is just help creating the structure of multi-overlapping petals to her baby. That means the key to make nice Rosy Adenium is to have nice Queen. Let’s get back to this article; this idea would help you save your time on development. There are 7 things to concern with selecting the flowers to develop or breed in order to make them get more beautiful on your own style. Here they are

1. Flower form: Most of breeders love Adenium flower with round or circular shape. Some flowers can have more different style also weird flowers such as star style and petals should not fold down. 

2. Flower size: Most players love bigger flower size but I think size doesn’t matter. Most of bigger flower sizes are less productive flowers than smaller sizes. You should also concern with perfect matching with rootstock style. Some rootstocks are great with small size but much more productive flowers when full blooming. For example,

Our new golden Adenium with new cool fragrance. (Release now)
rootstock with spread root base, short caudex or trunk, and multiple branches, you should select the small productive flowers to graft on it.

3. Get dress up: This is one of the most important things to make your flowers get dress or wear with nice clothes more beautiful and attractive than plain colors .e.g. pure red, white, purple and pink but not naked, ha ha ha. The dresses you could put on them are border, stripe, dot, multi-lines, throat, splash, etc. This is also concluded with colorful dresses make them look more sexy and fashionable.
4. Face up: Good flowers should face up look better when full blooming. You can notice that most of face up flowers will have short peduncle. This is the most important thing to produce Rosy Adeniums (Multi-Overlapping petals) because most of Rosy Adenium flowers weigh more than single petal. If peduncle is long and not strong enough, it will make Rosy Adenium flowers face down even their flowers are very attractive.

5. Thick Petals: Adenium flowers with thick petals will bloom longer than thin petals and also resist with insect, raining, and diseases. Most contesters love to select Adenium flowers with thick petals to graft with their nice rootstocks.
6. Leaves: Leave characters will help your Adenium get prettier. Leaves should be matched with flowers and rootstocks. For example, small, long and narrow leaves with small flowers will be great with Adenium Arabicum (chubby trunk) rootstock.

7. Virus: Actually this thing might not be pretty concerned by buyers because they don’t know what adeniums they buy Adenium infected with virus. This thing is very important to breeders or growers because they will make flower and leaves lose form. This virus can spread very easy when make grafting with other adeniums.

New Adenium flower with changable color and style after the 3rd day blooming (Two tones style)

Rosy Adenium's Flower Structures
You can notice this symptom as brown spotted flowers, small white spot on leaves, curly leaves. 8 Luckiness: This item is not relevant with your developing skills or experiences. This comes from the outcome of crossing pollination to get new varieties or flowers. It’s just like more value added to these new flowers e.g. fragrance, changeable color, changeable style, etc. This would make you more fun to working on this development. From now on, we can produce Adenium with cool fragrance and changeable color and style after blooming.
Now we can produce Adenium which has Multi-Overlapping petals (like rose) and we called this that “Rosy Adenium”. We dream some days we can also produce Rosy Adenium come up with cool fragrance more like rose. All of this comes from the “Power of Single Petal”. I think this is enough for you first start to develop new adeniums with more attractive and beautiful both single and Rosy Adenium in the future. There are many things getting to know with this plant. One more important thing is just keep crossing and

New flower characters with main magenta tiny line coming from throat to end of petals and also surrounding with multi-tiny lines.

Our rootstocks grown by organic fertilizer which can reduce the risk of rotten after repotting. They are also good for flower stability's test.
crossing with smart way before wasting your time. I hope you will have fun with adenium developing. One more thing to check the flower's stability after making more amount on new babies or flowers is "Rootstock". We always check the new flowers' stabilty before releasing them to market. We use strong and healthy rootstocks growing with natural organic fertilizer and 3 month fermented soil (cow manure+soil+EM). We've never used chemical fertilizer to boost up the bigger and faster rootstock caudex size. on these rootstocks because this would impcact to flower's stability on new grafting(baby scions) on these rootstocks. Due to Chemical Fertilizer might effect to new flower colors and forms from new scions' grafting. Growing Adenium Rootstock with natural organic fertilizer on will reduce being rotten after repotting them on new media. I think this's all for today and I bet you will enjoy growing adeniums. Have a nice day.